Insurance Advisory


In the realm of Insurance & Reinsurance, our dedicated team of insurance lawyers provides comprehensive legal advice to clients navigating insurance and reinsurance matters. We cater to both local and cross-border situations, offering expertise in regulatory, contractual, and corporate aspects. Our clients include industry leaders, and we excel in reorganization and restructuring matters.

Key areas of our specialization include:

  • Life Insurance: Advanced expertise in areas such as eligible assets (internal and external investment funds) and asset management.
  • Product Development: Guidance in all phases, from developing new products to drafting contractual documentation related to insurance activities, including distribution and intermediary relationships.


Insurance Litigation

In insurance litigation, we have a dedicated team of specialists dealing with pre-litigation and dispute resolution.


Key areas of this area include:

  • Life Insurance: assisting in the winding-up process of life insurance policies.
  • Non Life Insurance: assisting and representing local and foreign insurance companies in disputes pending in Court. It also includes specific advice on settling complex matters.
  • Personal Injury: Drafting expert opinions on the financial assessment of personal injury cases. We are accredited on the list of Court experts. This knowledgeable expertise enhances our commitment to assisting local and foreign insurance companies in disputes involving personal injury matters.

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FAQ: How we can help

For insurance litigation, the team is supported by dispute resolution specialists ensuring that clients receive expert legal representation in disputes. In cases of reorganization, restructuring, winding-up, liquidation, and insolvency, the team leaders from the restructuring & insolvency department take the helm. This integrated approach ensures that clients facing financial distress or litigation can navigate these challenges with the guidance of seasoned legal experts in these specific fields.